Services Developers

Initial project & Developer registration

Registration Services

Pre-registration, Title deed registrations, Plot registration, Sub-division of Plot and registrations

Escrow account registration

Developer & Project registration. Setup of initial stages of the project with escrow account details.

Ongoing project procedures

Registration department of DLD

Set up of oqood account, registration of inventory
Registration of sold units on system

Legal department of DLD

Default and Termination procedures

Customer related support services

Collection Services

Collection of principal payments for 0ffplan Project

Call Center Support

Represent developers to be main point of contact for project information

Customer Interaction

Represent developers in general in all matters related to project

Project completion support services

Property Handover Services

Allocated of dedicated staff for handover at Project site. Customer Interaction, Collection Services, Snag and Handover

Coordination Services with Associate firms

Assignment of firm for Building Survey, Budget approvals and OA company assignment